Spray Foam products are extremely versatile. Manufacturers have optimized products to maximize performance in different areas of a home or building. Spray foam products can create an effective air barrier, form a continuous insulation system, and provide a barrier to moisture in the building envelope. Insulating and sealing your home with spray foam will limit drafts where it is applied and keep your home a consistent temperature all year long – making your home more comfortable.

To learn more about how to use spray foam, check out this video:

Common applications of spray foam insulation include:

Choose a Trained Contractor

To ensure that SPF is properly installed, it is important to choose a properly trained installer. A trained SPF contractor can answer your questions on product selection and application process. When considering a UVA in an existing home, it is important to coordinate with other experts, such as the HVAC contractor, to ensure the entire system works together to create a more efficient building envelope.3 Always follow the state and local building code requirements.

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Additional Spray Foam Resources