Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) can improve the indoor environment, which makes your home or building more comfortable in many ways.

Sealing a building’s air leaks prevents drafts from windows, doors, attics and floor boards, providing better indoor temperature control. Especially in areas with extreme climates, good indoor temperature control can have a dramatic effect on household comfort.

Indoor Environment and SPF

SPF can have a significant effect on your indoor environment and is key problem solver in many aspects of day to day household difficulties. Using spray foam to seal gaps and air leaks can help manage moisture and humidity in a building.  By controlling moisture, spray foam can limit one of the key variables that can lead to mold and mildew growth.1

Sound Transmission

A combination of open- and closed-cell spray foams can help maximize noise reduction.

Pollen & Dust

Sealing gaps with spray foam can provide a barrier against pollen & dust, reducing the entrance of external allergens for households with allergy suffers.


Using spray foam to block insects from entering can be especially useful in high peak insect seasons.

When having SPF insulation installed in your home or building, work with a professional contractor who can educate you on the installation process.2,3

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